Relationship marketing means reciprocal value between the business and the customer.
Leverage behavioral segmentation to precisely define value.

Introducing Cerebri C≥ Values Values

Organizations have traditionally used customer values to optimize revenue across their customer base. This has been typically based on the dollars a customer has contributed to the company's bottom line. While companies have analyzed historical purchases to determine the most relevant messaging and offers to maximize individual revenue contribution, these efforts fall short of truly prescribing the right solution for a specific customer.

We advocate a much different definition of customer value, challenging this traditional view.

Unless the business puts themselves in the shoes of their customers, they will be unable to truly understand their customers.

Leveraging machine learning and deep neural networks, these values and their critical components are calculated on demand, for an individual customer or a whole customer segment.

V≥ Value

Calculates how a customer values its relationship with the vendor or brand.

A≥ Value

Calculates a customer-centric value for assets outside traditional MSRP data.

F≥ Value

Calculates an individual customer's financial ability to pay for a product.

D≥ Value

Keeps track of how decisions are made. Ensures compliance and promotes anti-discrimination.