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According to Accenture, 79% of executives believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help accelerate technology adoption in their organizations. This result, while an almost unanimous one, doesn't agree with the current C-suite perceptions with respect to the topic of AI and what adoption means within an enterprise.

Accenture also estimates only 27% of executives believe AI will transform their organizations over the next three years.

We conducted our own research to understand the gap. Between September 2016 and January 2017, we surveyed over 250 professionals in decision-making capacities across various industries. Our goal was to understand the significance of Artificial Intelligence's (AI) role in large organizations, from early stage to mature. We conducted 30 in depth interviews among C-level executives to gain deeper understanding of the challenges they face in the AI road ahead.

In contrast to Accenture's findings, we found almost 90% of executives believe AI represents a foundational change. This is a stark difference.

According to research we conducted across all sectors, companies fall into three categories for Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption:

1 – Incrementalists

Companies who have been doing big data for years and are about to launch significant AI programs (or have already done so). The earliest market advantage will be felt among this group.

2 – Tacticians

Companies without the track record but have a culture of quick learning and rapid technological adoption. Very often these companies are trying to build the internal case to get AI adoption green-lighted.

3 – Newbies

Companies that see the potential of AI but are too new to the game to push adoption quickly and often are in need of support to build the business case.

Whatever stage of the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) journey you are at, we can help. Our AI Adoption Model helps you assess AI Readiness and guides you through all the steps to implementation.

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