Re-imagine Relationship Marketing & Selling

How do you value your customers today? Imagine the way it should be. It is time to change the rules.

A True 1:1 Relationship

Every company knows the value of a customer to the business... and they measure that relentlessly.


What counts more is a determination of value from the customer's perspective... not the other way around.

Become a Responsive Organization

Minimize Customer Churn

Learn what your customers value and what they don't. Monitor events as they happen and respond accordingly.

Individualize Your Marketing

Focus on the Best Customers

Start with rich behavioral segments. Focus your marketing efforts on using timely and relevant messages.

Understand Your Customer’s Ability to Pay

Optimize Speed & Effectiveness

Offer products your customers desire, and also within their budget and credit capacity.

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Understand your customer

Derive deeper context from the dynamic customer journey

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Cerebri Values
Turn data into revenue

V≥ Value

Calculates how a customer values its relationship with the vendor or brand.

A≥ Value

Calculates a customer-centric value for assets outside traditional MSRP data.

F≥ Value

Calculates an individual customer's financial ability to pay for a product.

D≥ Value

Keeps track of how decisions are made. Ensures compliance and promotes anti-discrimination.

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AI Readiness Report

Is the enterprise C-suite ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Our AI Readiness Report Series provides a fascinating look at current executive perceptions about Artificial Intelligence and their challenges when it comes to adoption.

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